About Us

Namaste Balloons

We are a unique ballooning company, focusing on your fun, safety, and happiness as you soar to new heights.

Pilot, John Gruenberg started flying balloons in 1982 and has flown in many states up and down the East Coast, as well as out West with an impeccable safety record!  John truly enjoys flying and is also a Commercial Airplane Pilot.

Yes, flying a Hot Air Balloon requires a Pilot’s License!  Pilots undergo routine training and additional education, while the Balloon Systems are inspected Annually by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) representatives.

Why the name Namaste?  Does this mean we have to do Yoga while in flight?  Nope…  The word  NAMASTE means ‘I honor the light, love, beauty, truth and kindness within you because it is also within me’  — -We want to share our Bliss and Enjoyment with you!

What’s that weird logo you have?   The OM Symbol, pronounced AUM is a Sanskrit symbol, mystically embodying the essense of the entire universe.  Covering all States of consciousness and wakefulness.  Here is a cool video explaining each part of the OM symbol.  

Please join us in our fun!  You are welcome to come to any of our Launch Sites and be part of the crew.   Or Contact Us for more information of your adventure.

Enjoy the your day and the rest of our site!



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